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Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi


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Ridgeland, MS 39158-0156
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  • Macedonian Call Foundation of MS has been a tremendous blessing to my family over the last 10 years. Whether we have to come to the US for an unplanned trip or for a regular Stateside Assignment, Macedonian Call always has a perfect vehicle available to suit the needs of my family. The vehicles have given us very little trouble, but whenever an issue arises, their team is quick to help and sort out any problems. Traveling back to the US from overseas always has inherent challenges and stresses. However, because of Macedonian Call, finding a reliable vehicle to use is never one of them for us.

    Thanks so much!

    John and Wendy

  • We wanted to thank you and all the Macedonian Call folks for allowing us to use a car while we were in the US. It is just a tremendous blessing to us to have a car while we are in Mississippi. I do not know what we would do to get around without your ministry! Sincerely, you have blessed us over these years with a car every time that we have been in the States and we are truly thankful.

    With much appreciation,

    Ray and Marsha

  • We were pleased to find that MCFMS had a vehicle that was a good fit for our family and available for the time we needed it. The vehicle was clean and in working order when we picked it up. Communication with MCFMS was great -- kind and gracious in their responses and very accommodating to my arrival plans in Jackson.

    Thanks so much MCF!

    Josh and JoAnna

  • We have been serving with IMB since 1999. We have been so blessed by Macedonian Call Foundation for many years now. In the beginning they were able provide a vehicle for us and our 4 children to use and share in churches all over Mississippi while back on stateside, and now for just the two of us. In all of our years of going back and forth to Mississippi from XXXXXXXXXXXX we have always been blessed to have a Macedonian Foundation vehicle. What a blessing! We were so blessed to have visits across the table with the MCFMS leaders and able to thank them in person. What joy to know that this ministry continues. The vehicles have always been dependable and at low cost to us. We honestly don't know what we would have done without this ministry. We are very grateful and hope that God allows this wonderful ministry to continue through the generosity of believers and churches, for our missionaries for many years to come.

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Mark and Mary

  • My family and I returned for three months to the U.S. on our first furlough. Macedonian Call was waiting for us with a car. They made our transition to the States as simple as imaginable and served our family with professionalism and expertise. The staff made sure the automobile we drove was in good working order, and they checked on us to see how we were doing throughout our time State-side. They even offered other vehicle options throughout our stay as our vehicle needs changed. They have excellent vehicles from sedans to mini-vans, and their cars are always clean and well maintained.

    Macedonian Call Foundation of MS consistently lives up to their international reputation of serving missionaries with pride, dignity, and excellence at all times. My family and I have used vehicles from Macedonian call on many occasions since first meeting them in 2011, and without exception, our experience has been one of exceptional value and unparalleled service.

    The staff of Macedonian Call Foundation pray for, support and serve their missionaries worldwide for the glory of Jesus Christ.

    Thank You Macedonian Call!

    Jonathan and Judy

  • We serve in XXXXX XXXX and have been using MCFMS for over fifteen years. To have a vehicle provided that is dependable during stateside takes a lot of stress off families. We were home a few years ago for a scheduled stateside that was extended which turned into a leave of absence. There was never a worry about transportation, God ministered to us through MCFMS by providing reliable transportation during that time through His people and MCFMS. God allowed us to return to XXXXX XXXX and we look forward to requesting a vehicle for future visits back in Mississippi.

    Gary and Beth

  • I am so grateful for Macedonia Call Foundation of Mississippi. It is incredibly helpful to have access to an inexpensive car while on Stateside Assignment. Recently, I returned to Mississippi when my mother had a health crisis. Renting a car would have made the trip a financial burden. Macedonian Call not only provided an economical option to borrow a car, they met me at the airport with a kind smile and hug.

    God bless this important ministry!


  • MCFMS has been a great blessing to my family for 10 years now. The ability to reserve a dependable vehicle at a very reasonable lease price and agreement makes taking care of transportation needs while STAS or on vacation worry free.

    With thankful hearts,

    Tom and Brenda

  • Our family has been blessed by the Macedonian Call ministry who has provided a vehicle for us on stateside assignment over the last 16 years of serving in XXXXX XXXX. Their dependability, hospitality, and generosity have been a huge benefit! The vehicles provided have been well maintained, and if there was any problem it was addressed quickly. As you support MCFMS know that you are taking part in a "holding the ropes" for missionaries serving to reach the nations for Jesus Christ!

    Thank you for your service!

    Wayne and Angela