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    In 1998 IMB missionary parents, Tom and Jane Hearon had a God-given idea to begin a transportation ministry to Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and International Mission Board (IMB) missionary families from Mississippi who were serving around the world. When missionaries came home to the USA for short-term assignments they usually had no personal transportation. Tom and Jane Hearon and then W. C. and Ann Young provided wonderful leadership for Macedonian Call Foundation for over 15 years. Jackie Stuart is our third and current president and leads the ministry in its third decade of service to missionaries.

    The vision and purpose of Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi, since our beginning in 1998, is to provide dependable and low cost transportation for international missionary families returning to the USA for short-term visits. Macedonian Call is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization that operates as an all volunteer ministry. No one at MCFMS receives any pay or compensation. We are supported by the faithful and generous gifts from Christian believers, churches, and organizations. We receive donations of vehicles as well as one-time or reoccurring financial gifts by U.S. mail. Please see the How to Help/Contributions page for more information.


    The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the basis for our faith, manner of life, and ministry. The corporation requires that all Southern Baptist missionaries to whom it provides transportation must be in agreement and compliance, both in belief and practice, with the Southern Baptist Convention's Statement of Faith as set forth in The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message and its Commentary on Article XVIII - The Family, adopted on June 14, 2000, by the Southern Baptist Convention in its annual session.


    MCFMS serves Southern Baptist Convention and International Mission Board missionary families whose home states and churches are located in either Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, or Tennessee and will be residing in one of these five states while visiting in the U.S. These qualifications must be met to qualify for leasing an MCFMS vehicle. A picture of a valid U.S. Driver's license from one of these five states must be emailed to mcfmscars@gmail.com at the time a Request a Vehicle form is submitted.


    Missionaries may drive MCFMS vehicles in the following 10 states: Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. If a missionary needs to take a trip outside the approved 10 state driving area, they should plan to make alternate arrangements for transportation.


    Once a qualified missionary's request for a vehicle has been approved, they will receive an email confirming their vehicle reservation. Depending on the missionary's location of arrival, they will be directed to a contact person to make arrangements for meeting to sign the Vehicle Use Agreement and vehicle pick-up. It is important that missionaries email or text their final travel arrangements to Bob Haller.

    Missionaries sign a Vehicle Use Agreement for the term of their vehicle use as requested by them. The Vehicle Use Agreement sets forth their responsibility and those of MCFMS regarding vehicle use. Each missionary signing the Vehicle Use Agreement must provide proof of a valid U.S. driver's license and be 21 years of age or older in order to drive a MCFMS vehicle. The missionary will receive a signed copy of the Vehicle Use Agreement, along with Proof of Insurance and a Vehicle Registration form. These documents should remain in the vehicle in case law enforcement requires them.

    When signing the Vehicle Use Agreement, missionaries will pay an up front, one-time fee of $150.00 to cover vehicle cleaning/detailing, gas fill-up, oil change and tire rotation when the vehicle is returned. This relieves the missionary from having to do these tasks during the last busy days of their U.S. visit. The first month's payment amount of $275.00 must also be paid when the Vehicle Use Agreement is signed. Vehicle use payments for a partial month are based on a $9.17 per day charge.

    Some missionaries have changes of schedule when coming home or while home. Ministry related issues, mission host country requirements, family needs, or health concerns require that they either return their vehicles early or need to extend their use of their vehicle. There is no penalty for returning a vehicle early and we do our best to accommodate vehicle use extensions. However, it is important that we receive advance notice so we can do our best to coordinate a vehicle schedule change. Vehicles are often scheduled for immediate use by another missionary family after their scheduled return.


    Requests for vehicle reservations are made by missionaries by submitting a completed 'Requesting a Vehicle' form located on our Request a Vehicle page. Requests made from our webpage are secure. Once we receive a completed Vehicle Request form we will process the request, approve according to our policies, and schedule a reservation. It is very important that your request form provide ALL information requested since we are unable to process a request until ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED is provided. Additionally, a photocopy of each person's valid U.S. driver's license must be emailed to mcfmscars@gmail.com at the time your request is made.


    Macedonian Call Foundation provides auto insurance coverage for the missionaries who are listed on the Vehicle Use Agreement. Only those listed on the Vehicle Use Agreement are covered by MCFMS insurance. The cost of insurance is included in the monthly payment amount. Additional insurance coverage is not needed.


    MCFMS vehicles are higher mileage vehicles but are maintained in good and dependable working condition. Since our vehicles are high mileage, following the adage of 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' Our missionaries are responsible to make a regular check of all vehicle fluid levels, tire air pressure, have oil changes every 3,000 miles and tires rotated every six (6) thousand miles or every other oil change.

    If other vehicle repairs are needed, missionaries are required to contact the designated MCFMS contact person for approval before any repairs are made to the vehicle since MCFMS pays for most vehicle repairs beyond routine maintenance. If repairs are made prior to MCFMS approval the missionary may be required to pay for the repairs they ordered without approval. The designated MCFMS contact person and contact information will be provided along with a copy of the Vehicle Use Agreement.


    For questions or additional information please email us.

    Or, you may also contact our MCFMS Operational Team members for issues related to the following:

    Jackie Stuart, President MCFMS Board
    MCFMS Ministry Operation, Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs

    Bob Haller, Vice President MCFMS Board
    Vehicle Reservations, Scheduling, and Delivery

    Glen Castle, Treasurer MCFMS Board
    Finances, Contributions, and Vehicle Use Payments